How to Copy and Paste on Computer?

Copy and paste are computer commands that offer an inter-process communication technique for transferring data through a computer’s user interface. The cut command removes the selected data from its original position, while the copy command creates a duplicate; in both cases the selected data is kept in temporary storage. The data from the clipboard is later inserted wherever a paste command is issued. The data remains available to any application supporting the feature, thus allowing easy data transfer between applications.

Copying text on Document

Select the text you want to copy. For example, you could highlight a word, one line, a paragraph, or all of the text in the document. Once highlighted, do any of the steps below.

Right-click on the selected text and select Copy.

– OR –

Click Edit from the top File menu in the program and then click Copy.

– OR –

Select the text and use the shortcut key Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert on a PC or Cmd+C on an Apple Mac.

Cut, Copy and Paste shortcut keys

Pasting the text

Once the above steps have been completed, the text is moved into a temporary area known as the clipboard. To paste that text, move the cursor to where you want to paste and do any of the steps below.

Right-click where you want to the text to appear and select Paste.

– OR –

Click Edit from the top File menu in the program and then click Paste.

– OR –

Press the shortcut key Ctrl+V on a windows default documents.

Copy and paste

The term “copy-and-paste” refers to the popular, simple method of reproducing text or other data from a source to a destination. It differs from cut and paste in that the original source text or data does not get deleted or removed. The popularity of this method stems from its simplicity and the ease with which users can move data between various applications visually – without resorting to permanent storage.

Cut, Copy and Paste in Apple and Windows OS

OS Cut Copy Paste
Apple ⌘ Command+X ⌘ Command+C ⌘ Command+V
Windows Control+X Control+C Control+V