What is Consumer Protection Council?

The Consumer Protection Act,1986 provides the constitution of consumer protection council at the central,state and district levels.

1. Central Consumer Protection Council [Section 4]

The Act provides for the establishment of a central consumer protection council by the central government and state consumer protection council in each state by the respective state governments. The state shall consist of such members as may be specified by the state government by notification from time to time.

Consumer Protection Council


Section 4 empowers the central government to establish,by notification,a council to be known as the central consumer protection council.


According to rule 3 of the consumer protection rules,1987,the central council shall consist of the following 150 members,namely:

  1. The minister-in-charge of consumer affairs in the central government, who shall be its chairman.
  2. The minister of state or deputy minister in the department of civil supplies who shall be the Vice-chairman of the central council.
  3. The ministers of food and civil supplies or minister or minister in charge of consumer affairs in states.
  4. 8 members of parliament,5 from the lok sabha and 3 from the rajya sabha.
  5. The commissioner for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.
  6. Representatives of the central government departments,autonomous organizations concerned with consumer interests, not exceeding 20.
  7. Representatives of the consumer organizations or consumers -not less than 35.
  8. Representatives of women -not less than 10.
  9. Representatives of farmers,trade and industries-not exceeding 20.
  10. Persons capable of representing consumers interests-not exceeding 15.
  11. The secretary in the department of civil supplies shall be the member secretary of the central council.

State Consumer Protection Councils [Section 7 and 8]

The state government may,by notification,establish with effect from such date as it may specify in such notification, a council to be know as the consumer protection council referred to as the state council.


  1. The minister in charge of consumers affairs in the state government who shall be its chairman;
  2. Such number other official or non-official members representing such interest as may be prescribed by the state government.

District Consumer Protection Council [Section 8A]

The state government shall establish for every district,by notification,a council to be know as the district consumer protection council with effect from such date as it may specify in such notification.


The collector of the district,who shall be its chairman

Such number of other official and non-official members representing such interests as may be prescribed by the state government.

Objects of the district council

The objects of every District council shall be to promote and protect within the district the rights of the consumer laid down in clauses (a) to (f) of section 6.