Techniques for Improving Quality of Work Life

Some of the techniques used to improve QWL of an average worker in India are given below:

1. Job Redesign: Narrow jobs need to be combined into large units of accomplishment. Jobs should be redesigned to enrich them. Job enrichment helps to satisfy higher order needs by providing interesting,stimulating and challenging work.

2. Career Development: Opportunity for career advancement and growth personality improve commitment. Career planning,counseling second careers,etc.,helps to meet expectations of achievement-oriented employees.

3. Autonomous Work Groups: In an autonomous work groups, employees are given the freedom of decision-making. In a such a group the workers themselves plan,co-ordinate and control their activities. The group as a whole is accountable for success or failure. It is also called a self-managed work team.

4. Flexible Work Schedules: Flexible working hours,staggered hours,reduced work week,job sharing,part-time employment and other types of alternatives work schedules provide freedom to employee in scheduling their work.

5. Participate Management: Employees want to participate in deciding matters which affect their lives. Therefore,quality circles,management by objectives,suggestion system and other forms of employees participation in management help to improve QWL.

6. Job Security: Adequate security of job is a high priority of employees and should be provided.

7. Administrative Justice: The principles of justice,fair and quality should be applied in disciplinary procedure,grievance procedures,promotions,transfers,work assignment,leaves,etc.

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