Difference between Team and Group

Team vs Groups

Teams are specific kinds of groups: all groups can’t be called teams. A group consists of a number of people who interact with one another, are psychologically aware of one another, and think of themselves as a group. A team is a group whose members influences one another towards the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

In groups, work performance primarily depends on the work of individual members. But the performance of a team depends on both individual contributions and collective efforts of team members working in concert as in case of musical/orchestra.

Not all groups in organizations are teams but all teams are groups. A group qualifies as a team only if its members focus on helping one another to accomplish objectives. In today’s quickly changing business environment teams have emerged as a requirement for success. Therefore good managers should constantly try to help become teams.

Team vs group


Work Groups

Work Teams

Purpose The basic purpose of a work group is to interact primarily to share information The basic purpose of a work t team is collective Performance.
Synergy The performance of a work group is merely the summation of each group member’s individual      Contribution. There are no positive synergy. A work team generates positive synergy through coordinated effort. The level of performance of  a team is greater than the sum of individual inputs.
Leadership Every work group must have Strong and clearly focused leaders. The teams do not have a clearly focused leader, they as shared leadership roles.
Responsibility The responsibility is individual  The responsibility is collective.
Accountability In a group, the members are Individually accountable. In a team, there are both individuals            And mutual accountability.
Meetings The work group has formal and Efficient meeting. The team generally encourages Open-ended the active problem Solving meetings.
Functioning The functioning of the work group is that it discusses, decides and delegates. The functioning of the team is that It discusses, decides and does real Work.
 Size Groups can be any size. Teams are needed to be small.