What is Report Writing? Characteristics

Report Writing

The Word ‘Report’ means ‘to carry back’ and has been derived from the Latin word ‘Reportare’. A report refers to a description of the happening of a certain event that is carried back to a person who was not present on the spot. Generally all types of memorandums, news items and letters come under the category of reports.

Report Writing

It refers to “a statement describing what has happened” or ‘What is the state of affairs’ as per a well-known definition. Sometimes in business premises, a certain form of ‘report’ is required. A report is generally understood to have a detailed examination of a problem or condition, the action taken, and the findings of some enquiry. A report always prepared in a good and knowledgeable way, drawing certain logics,making suggestions and recommending a certain way of action. Report writing is an art, which must be learnt through hard work,practice and effort.

Meaning and Definition of Report Writing

A report by definition is a “statement describing what has happened” or “describing a state of affairs”.

According to Raymond V.Lesikar and John D. Pettit___” A business report is an orderly, objective communication of factual information that serves some business purpose”.

Characteristics of Report

1. Clarity of Thought: A good business report should be straightforward, comprehensive, and logical. The thoughts and ideas inscribed in it should be clear and easily understandable. There should be no trace of any misunderstanding whatsoever. The basic objective of drafting a business report is to provide information is such a way that the readers understand what the writer wants to convey.

2. Completer and Self-Explanatory: A report should be all-inclusive and self-explanatory. It should not include repetitive facts, illustrations,statements, or findings. A good business report provides all the information about the topic in a very easy and simple manner without any confusion or repetition.

3. Comprehensive but Compact: A business report should be compact and comprehensive. It should be in a form of capsule, i.e., it should encapsulate all the information in a very precise manner. It is not necessary that a lengthy report is always a good report.

4. Accurate in All Aspects: It should be accurate in all aspects. Writing a business report is a responsible task to perform as it assists in managerial decision-making and strategic planning activities. Thus, All the information provided under a business report should be based upon verified statistics and information.

5. Suitable Format for Readers: A business report should be carefully drafted in a proper format suitable for the type of report. It should be written within a correct framework of title, preface,observations, and suggestions. Use of proper format and appropriate segments provide convenience to the readers.

6. Reference to Relevant Details: A good report should be always highlight and keep evolving within the framework of significant facts. Line of action used,procedure following by the committee, and the questionnaire prepared for collecting data should be clearly mentioned.

Advantages of Report writing/Purpose of Report

  • To evaluate employees performance.
  • To help in Dealing with changes in Business.
  • To provide information.
  • To help in Controlling.
  • To Help in Coordinating.
  • To maintain Requisite Contact.
  • It facilitate Record Keeping.
  • To Recommend Action.

Essentials of Report Writing

  • Accuracy.
  • Simplicity.
  • Clarity and Completeness.
  • Conciseness.
  • Reliability.
  • Timelines.
  • Logical Content.
  • Original Content.
  • Free form Errors.
  • Good Appearance.

Significance/Importance of Report Writing

  • Communicates the Information.
  • Helps in Evaluation.
  • Facilitates Measuring Performance.
  • Predicts Future Trends.
  • Helps in Making Desirable Changes.