Objectives of Management?

1. Optimum utilisation of resources:

The most important objectives of the management are to use various resources of the enterprise in a most economic way.The proper use of men, materials, machines, and money will help a business to earn sufficient profits to satisfy various interests i.e. proprietor, customers, employees and others. All these interests will be served well only when physical resources of the business are properly utilised.

2. Growth and development of business:

By proper planning, organisation and direction etc., management leads a business to growth and development on sound footing. It helps in profitable expansion of the business. It provides a sense of security among the employers and employees.

3. Increasing the Efficiency of factors of Production –

Through proper utilization of various factors of production, their efficiency can be increased to a great extent which can be obtained by reducing spoilage, wastage and breakage of all kinds, this in turn leads to saving of time, effort and money which is essential for the growth & prosperity of the enterprise.

4. Risk Analysis:

Management involves the function of risk forecasting. Though the exact future can never be predicted yet on the basis of previous experience and existing circumstances, management can minimise the element of risk.

5. Improving performance:

Management should aim at improving the performance of each and every factor of production. The environment should be so congenial that workers are able to contribute their maximum to the enterprise.

6. Planning for future:

Another important purpose of management is to prepare a prospective plan. No management should feel satisfied with today’s work. Future plans should take into consideration what is to be done next. Future performance will depend upon present planning. So, planning for future is essential to every organisation.