Types of Employee Welfare Activities

Employee welfare activities can be classified as follows:

1. Intra Mural Facilities: Welfare amenities within the precincts of the establishment are called intra mutual welfare activities or facilities

  1. Drinking Water: At all the working places safe hygienic drinking water should be provided.
  2. Facilities for sitting: In every organization, especially factories, suitable seating arrangements are to be provided.
  3. First aid appliances: First aid appliances are to be provided and should be readily assessable so that in case of any minor accident initial medication can be provided to the needed employee.
  4. Latrines and Urinals: A sufficient number of latrines and urinals are to be provided in the office and factory premises and are also to be maintained in a neat and clean condition.
  5. Canteen facilities: Cafeteria or canteens are to be provided by the employer so as to provide hygienic and nutritious food to the employees.
  6. Spittoons: In every work place, such as ware houses, store places, in the dock area and office premises spittoons are to be provided in convenient places and same are to be maintained in a hygienic condition.
  7. Lighting: Proper and sufficient lights are to be provided for employees so that they can work safely during the night shifts.
  8. Washing places: Adequate washing places such as bathrooms, wash basins with tap and tap on the stand pipe are provided in the port area in the vicinity of the work places.
  9. Changing rooms: Adequate changing rooms are to be provided for workers to change their cloth in the factory area and office premises. Adequate lockers are also provided to the workers to keep their clothes and belongings.
  10. Rest rooms: Adequate numbers of restrooms are provided to the workers with provisions of water supply, wash ba
    sins, toilets, bathrooms, etc.

2. Extra Mural Facilities: Welfare amenities outside the establishment are called extra mural welfare activities or facilities. It includes the following facilities:

  1. Maternity benefits.
  2. Social insurance measures.
  3. Medical facilities.
  4. Educational facilities.
  5. Housing facilities.
  6. Recreation facilities. (sports,cultural activities,library,reading rooms)
  7. Holiday homes and leave travel facilities.
  8. Vocational training for dependent of workers.
  9. Transport to and from the place of work.