Employees Associations

Employee Association/ Organization

Employers organizations came into being as a result of the formation of the ILO and the growing strength of trade unions. The establishment of the associated chambers of commerce of INDIA and Ceylon in 1920 which coincided with the founding of the ILO in 1919. When the royal commission on labour in India which was appointed in 1929,gave its recommendations it made the, “Indian employers conscious of the need of a permanent,employers’ organization to deal with labour problems from the employers’ point of view”.

Objectives of Employee Association

  1. To develop the healthy and stable industrial relations.
  2. To promote collective bargaining at different levels.
  3. To bring a unified employers view point on the issues of industrial relations to the government in a concerted manner.
  4. To represent in the meeting of ILC and SLC boards in conformity with tripartite approach to labour matters.

Employee Federation of India

The employers federation of India (EFI) was established in 1933,as an association of autonomous organizations of industry and was set up with the purpose of protecting ,promoting and championing the interests of employers mainly in the area of human resources,industrial relations,labour problems and similar matters.

Objectives of EFI:

  1. To regulate the relations between employers and workers.
  2. To promote and protect the legitimate interests of employers engaged in industries,trade and commerce.
  3. To maintain harmonious relations between management and employers to initiate and support all properly considered schemes that share of the increased return.
  4. To support employment generation.

Membership of EFI:

EFI also has a HR committee,and a committee to interface between the association and industry:

1. Executive committee.

2. The secretariat.

3. Regional committee.

All India Organization of Employees(AIOE)

The All India Organisation of Employers’ (AIOE),was founded in 1953 and its objectives are to promote and protect the industrial development of India. It is an allied body of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), is the oldest and apex national employers’ organisation of India. It is the platform for Indian Employers to raise their voice in formulating labour and social policies to promote business, trade and economy in the country.


Membership of AIOE

AIOE has two types of members,individual and associations. Initially membership was restricted to industrial employers but was later thrown open to banking,insurance companies,commercial establishment and others.

It had 126 individual members and 45 association members as on 31st and others.