What is E-Recruitment? Advantages of E-Recruitment

E-Recruitment based on the organization using technology, particularly web-based technology for the purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees. Through e-recruitment employers can save resources by reaching larger number of potential employees and facilitation of the recruitment process like using assessment tools incorporated into recruitment software. It also called as Online Recruitment, it is the process of hiring the potential candidates for the vacant job positions, using the electronic resources, particularly the internet. E-Recruitment includes the entire process of finding the prospective candidates, assessing, interviewing and hiring them, as per the job requirement. E-recruitment is done more effectively and efficiently. Generally, the job vacancies are advertised on the world wide web where the applicants attach their CV or resume, to get recognized by the potential recruiters or the employers. Companies undertake their online promotional activities via their official websites, wherein the complete information about the corporation is enclosed. Through this information, the prospective candidate could decide whether to be a part of a firm or not. Thus, the firm’s official website is considered to be an essential element of E-Recruitment.

Kinds of E-recruitment Techniques

Job portals: Creating a complete online recruitment/application section in the companies own website. – Companies have added an application system to its website, where the ‘passive’ job seekers can submit their resumes into the database of the organisation for consideration in future, as and when the roles become available.

Resume Scanners: Resume scanner is one major benefit provided by the job portals to the organisations. It enables the employees to screen and filter the resumes through pre-defined criteria’s and requirement skills, qualifications, experience, payroll etc.  Job sites provide a 24/7 access to the database of the resumes to the employees facilitating the just-in-time hiring by the organisations. Also, the jobs can be posted on the site almost immediately and is also cheaper than advertising in the employment newspapers.

Advantages of E-Recruitment

  • Low cost per candidate, as compared to the physical recruitment process.
  • Wide geographical coverage, i.e. the candidates can be hired from any part of the world.
  • Improved efficiency of recruitment process.
  • Less time required in hiring the potential candidate for the firm.
  • Right people for the right job can be easily find out through E-Recruitment.
  • The recruitment process becomes more efficient and easy to record details of the applicant.
  • Gives a 24 /7 access to an online collection of resumes.

Dis Advantages of E-Recruitment

  • Screening the skill mapping and authenticity of million of resumes is a problem and time consuming exercise for organisations.
  • Lack of Employe’s Technical skills regarding Internet and E-recruitment Process.
  • Organisations cannot be dependent solely and totally on the online recruitment methods.
  • Technical problems may interpreted the process of recruitment.