What is Journal?

Journal is a daily record.It is a book of original entry in which all transactions are recorded in the form of entries.It is records all daily transactions of a business in order in which they occur.It is the book in which the transactions are recorded first of all under the double-entry system.The entries are posted in the ledger from the journal.It is used for the purpose of maintaining,a continuous record of all transactions.The process of recording transactions in a journal is termed as “Journalising”.


Date  particulars L.F Debit Rs. Credit Rs.

Explanation of items:

Date : The date of the transaction is recorded here.

Particulars : In particulars column the name of accounts which the transaction affects are entered.The symbol ‘Dr’ is written at the right end the particular column on the same line of the account debited.The name of the account to be credited is entered on the next line with a prefix ‘To’.

Ledger Folio(L.F) :  In ledger folio column the page number in the ledger to which the entry is finally transferred or posted in entered.

Dr(amount) : The debit amount is recorded in the amount ‘Dr’ column.

       Cr(amount) : The credit amount is recorded in the amount ‘Cr’ column.


1. It provides date wise record for all business transactions.

2. It provides an Explanation of the transactions.

3. It helps to locate and prevent errors.

4. It shows all the necessary information regarding a transaction.