World bank presidents and economists list

World Bank

The world bank was established in the year of 1944. John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White were the founders of the world bank. The head quarters of world bank is located in Washington D.C., United states. The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans to countries of the world. The world bank comprises two institutions. the first one is International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and the second one is International Development Association (IDA). The world bank established with a goal of reducing the poverty. The operations of world bank started officially in June 1946. The President of the World Bank Group is the head of World Bank Group. The World Bank Group President has always been an American citizen nominated by the United States, the largest shareholder in the World Bank Group. The nominee has to be confirmed by the Board of Executive Directors, to serve for a five-year and to renew the term. Here is the list of world bank presidents.
World Bank Presidents

World Bank presidents list with tenure

Sr. President of World Bank Tenure
12 Dr. Jim Yong Kim June 2012 – till date
11 Robert B. Zoellick July 2007 – June 2012
10 Paul Wolfowitz June 2005 – June 2007
9 James D. Wolfensohn June 1995 – May 2005
8 Lewis Preston September 1991 – May 1995
7 Barber Conable July 1986 – August 1991
6 Alden Winship Clausen July 1981 – June 1986
5 Robert Strange McNamara April 1968 – June 1981
4 George David Woods January 1963 – March 1968
3 Eugene Robert Black July 1949 – December 1962
2 John Jay McCloy March 1947 – June 1949
1 Eugene Meyer June 1946 – December 1946

Chief Economists list

Name Dates Nationality
Hollis B. Chenery 1972–1982 United States
Anne Osborn Krueger 1982–1986 United States
Stanley Fischer 1988–1990 United States
Lawrence Summers 1991–1993 United States
Michael Bruno 1993–1996 Israel
Joseph E. Stiglitz 1997–2000 United States
Nicholas Stern 2000–2003 United Kingdom
François Bourguignon 2003–2007 France
Justin Yifu Lin 2008–2012 China
Kaushik Basu 2012–2016 India
Paul Romer 2016– Present United States