What is Bromatology?


Bromatology is the study of food, is a relatively new field. Bromatology is also called food science and a bromatologist, a food scientist. You see the results of food science on every aisle in the supermarket from the way items are stored and the new items that are available. Bromatology is not just about mixing ingredients together.

The Bromatologist needs to make sure those ingredients mix well and taste good together. Texture becomes important. Sometimes, flavors from different ingredients don’t always mix well; the bromatologist will experiment with various ingredients to find the right combination.bromatology

Healthy foods need to be both tasty and healthy. Right now, many consumers would rather go for the tastier, less healthy versions of certain foods, rather than the healthy ones. Usually healthy versions have less sugar, less fat, and fewer preservatives. To make a healthy product, the decrease in sugars, fats, and preservatives needs to be balanced with both taste and texture so that the product continues to appeal to buyers.

If the new yogurt flavor is to incorporate fresh fruits and natural flavors with less sugar, the bromatologist needs to find a way to make that yogurt sweet enough to appeal to customers who expect and want sweet yogurts. Maybe adding another fruit that is naturally sweet to the mixture to act as a natural sweetener will suffice. The fruit may also have to be crushed into a pulp and then thoroughly blended into the yogurt to be appealing.