Odisha State Symbols

Odisha State Symbols

The following are the State Symbols of Odisha State. Odisha State Government have revealed four symbols to be used in acceptable places and acceptable occasions to represent the state. These symbols the image of the state categorical its policy, tell concerning its wealth and virtues within the terms of Animal, Bird, Flower and Tree.

Odisha State Animal

Sambar deer

Sambar deer

State Bird

Indian roller

Odisha State Symbols Indian roller

State Flower

Ashoka tree(Saraca asoca)

Odisha State Symbols Ashoka tree

Odisha State Tree

Indian fig tree (Ficus racemosa)

Odisha is also called Orissa it is one of the state of India. It in the northeastern part of the country, it is bounded by the states of Jharkhand and West Bengal to the north and northeast, by the Bay of Bengal to the east, and by the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to the south and Chhattisgarh to the west. The present capital was subsequently built at Bhubaneshwar, in the vicinity of the city’s historic temples in the east-central coastal plains. In late 2011 the state’s name was officially changed from Orissa to Odisha. Area 60,119 square miles (155,707 square km). Pop. (2011) 41,947,358.

The economy of Odisha is the 16th largest state economy in India with 4.16 lakh crores in gross domestic product and a per capita GDP of 81,000Odisha ranks 25th among Indian states in human development index.