High Court Judges Eligibility

High Court of Andhra Pradesh

Appointment of High Court Judges

The Chief Justice of a High Court is appointed by the President with the consultation of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Governor of the State. The other judges are appointed by the will of President, Governor and the Chief Justice of High Court.

Eligibility of High Court Judge

He Must be These qualifications.

  1. He should be a citizen of India.
  2. He should have been judge for 10 years of Subordinate court under the Judicial Service of the State
  3. Or an Advocate for 10 years in a High Courts in India (Article 217).

Tenure Judge

Originally the age of the retirement of the judges of the High Courts was fixed at 60 but it was raised to 62 in 1963 according to the 15th amendment of the Constitution.

Removal of the Judges

He may also be removed like a judge of the Supreme Court. They cannot be removed except though impeachment by both Houses of the Parliament in accordance with the procedure prescribed in the Constitution. No judge has so far been removed by impeachment. In one instance where the impeachment proceedings had been initiated, the address could not muster the requisite majority.

The High Court of India

The High Court of a State is the highest court of the State and all other courts of the State work under it. Normally there is one High Court in every State but there can be only one High Court for two or more States as well, according to the constitution. There is one High Court at Chandigarh for Punjab, Haryana and Union Territory of Chandigarh. Similarly there is one High-Court at Guwahati which serves Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland.