Cynology is the study of matters related to Canines or domestic Dogs. In English Cynology may be a term sometimes used to denote serious zoological approach to the study of dogs as well as by writers on canine subjects, dog breeders and trainers and enthusiasts who informally study the dog.Cynology
Cynologists are people who train dogs. Of course, when we think of cynologists, we imagine people who work in  military or policy field, but dogs help people in many areas, and they all need training. For Ex: Cynologists can train guide dogs, guard dogs or just domestic dogs with behaviour issues. Dogs help patients to escape from coma, search for drugs in airports, save drowning people, looking for people under the rubble and Cynologists teach them to do all these incredible things.

Cynology is a classical compound word from Greek. It refers to the study of dogs. The word is not found in major English dictionaries and it is not a recognized scientific discipline in English-speaking countries. Similar words are found in other languages, such German and Dutch kynologie.

The suffix ‘-logy’ in English words refers to a study, or an academic discipline, or field of scientific study. English Classical compound words of this type may confer an impression of scientific rigor on a non-scientific occupation or profession.

Usage in English of the word cynology is rare, and occasionally found in the names of dog training academies, with cynologist sometimes being used as a title by some dog trainers or handlers. People who informally study the dog may refer to themselves as ‘cynologists’ to imply serious study or scientific work.

The very rare term cynologist in English, is generally found to refer to “canine specialists” such as; certified care professionals, certified show judges, breeders, breed enthusiasts, certified dog-trainers and professional dog-handlers.