Scoop Skiller

1. Idioms








A.B.C Elementary facts: Ex: He does not know even the A.B.C of political science. A bed of roses Full of joys and pleasure: Ex: To a rich man, life is a bed of roses. A bed of thorns. Full of sufferings and sorrows: Ex: To a poor man, life is a bed of thorns. a big gun: An important figure: Ex: He is a big gun today A black sheep: A disgraceful man: Ex: He is the black sheep of his family, because he has been in prison for several times. A bolt from the blue. A sudden shock or calamity: Ex: The sad and untimely death of his young son came to him as a bolt from the blue. A bone of contention. A cause of quarrel: Ex: This small piece of land is bone of contention between the two brothers. A broken reed: A person or thing that cannot be depended upon: Ex: He is only a broken reed, how long can you depend on him? A burning question. An important question or topic of the day: Ex: Third world war is a burning question. A cat’s paw: To make’s somebody a tool: Ex: He used his friend as a cat’s paw to achieve his purpose. A chicken hearted person: A cowardly person: Ex: A chicken-hearted person like him should not think of joining army. A child’s play: Something very easy: Ex: It is not a child’s play to succeed in life. A clean slate: A fresh beginning Ex: Let us forget all our former  differences and start with a clean slate. A cock and bull story: An imaginary of false story Ex: Raju invented a cock and bull story to justify his absence. A cool head: A calm judgment: Ex: If you think over problem with a cool head, you will solve it. A dead letter: No longer in use: Ex: The Sharada act is now a dead letter. A drug in the market: A thing unsaleable due to its lack of demand: Ex: His books have proved to be a drug in the market. A fatal disease: A disease that ends in death: Ex: Cancer is a fatal disease. A fish out of water: To be in a uncomfortable position: Eg: she feels like a fish out of water in the new school A fool’s paradise: State of joy based on false hopes: Ex: You will be living in fool’s paradise, if you expect to get one lakh of rupees in the lottery. A happy-go-lucky type: Careless: Ex: He is a happy-go-lucky type A hard nut to crack: A problem difficult to solve: Ex: The refugee problem turned out to be a hard nut to crack for the government. A hen-packed husband: A husband under the   control or thumb of his wife: Ex: He is a hen-pecked husband and has no voice in the family. A jack of all trades: A person supposed to know everything but master of none: Ex: My friend is a jack of all trades, but master of none. A lion’s share: A major share: Ex: He got the lion’s share of his father’s property. A lame excuse: False excuse: Ex: He invented a lame excuse for not doing his work. A mare’s nest: An unfounded rumour or elude: Ex: The police follower up the clue, but it proved to be mare’s nest. A queer fish: A strange person: Ex: Our new officer is a queer fish, nobody likes his company. A rainy day: A time of difficulty or proverty: Ex:  A wiseman always lays by something against a rainy day. A red letter day : An important day: Ex: The day when our country became free use a red letter day in our history. A thorn is one’s flesh: Something or someone that continuously irritates. Ex: His sister is a thorn in his flesh. A wet blanket : A cause of discouragement : Ex:  Don’t  invite Hari to the party, he is only a wet blanket. A wash out : Quite dull: Ex: He is a complete wash out ;he can not pass this year, A wind fall: Unexpected good forture: Ex: He had a wind fall and suddenly became rich. A wild goose chase: A foolish and useless search: Ex: The hunt for the hidden treasure was nothing but a wild goose chase. A wolf in a sheep’s clothing : A deceiver: Ex: Don’t trust him, he is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. An iron hand : Sever hand : Ex: Akbar put down the revolt with an iron hand. An apple of one’s eye : An object of love, the most valuable  possession: Ex: She an apple of her parent’s eyes. At a pinch: In a difficulty: Ex: I can never forget him, because he helped me at a pinch. At an arm’s length: To keep aloof, to avoid; to keep at a distance: Ex: I keep the gamblers at an arm’s length. At one’s finger’s tips or ends: To be expert: Ex: I have all subjects at my finger’s ends or tips; so examination has no fear for me. At the eleventh hour: At the last moment: Ex: he received some help at the eleventh hour. Bear a grudge: To have bitter feeling: Ex: he bears a personal grudge: Between the devil and the deep sea: To be in a fix or between two great difficulties: Ex: She was between the devil and the deep sea when I met her. Blow one’s own trumpet: To speak proudly of one’s oneself: Ex: I don’t like to talk with him, he ilways blowing his own trumpet. By hook or by crook: By all means: Ex: He will certainly get his work done by hook or by crook. Capital punishment: Punishment of death: Ex: The culprit was awarded capital punishment by the court. Close shave: A narrow escape: Luckily he had a close shave in the motor accident. Crocodile tears: False tears: The step-mother shed crocodile tears at the death of her step-son.